Dress Code

For men, this includes a suit and tie or dress pants, dress shirt, and dress shoes.

For ladies, this includes an evening dress, cocktail dress, formal dress slacks, dress skirt and blouse/top, evening shoes and/or heels.

Guests arriving in any other attire must abide by the following guidelines:

No T-shirts or undershirts of any color.
No baggy clothing.
No flannels.
No khakis or cargo pants.
No overalls or “painter” pants.
No ripped, torn, or shredded jeans.
No sports footwear (e.g. sneakers of ANY kind, tennis shoes, “bowling” shoes, etc.)
No sportswear (e.g. track suits, sports jackets, logos, etc.)
No baseball caps or bandanas.
No shorts.
No Sandals or flip-flops.
No beach attire.
No industrial or hiking boots.

Please be aware that all decisions concerning dress and attire will be made at the complete discretion of the doorperson and with consideration to the aforementioned guidelines.